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The following Conditions shall apply while engaging Perfect Cargo Services LLC. service for the carriage of Shipments from and between countries. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. is free to modify such Conditions as and when it is required for the smooth conduct of the carriage services from time to time. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. does reserve the right to amend, change or modify or add additional conditions without prior notice.

  1. Shipments carried between locations within the country are subject to the obligatory rules provided by the laws of that country. The signature in an explicit agreement or M.O.U. is required for partial Shipments by road.
  2. Unless and until Perfect Cargo Services LLC. finds the requirements for change or modification, these Conditions shall be consistent. Once such conditions apply to each Sender, they cannot be varied or added to except by express written agreement between the representative of Perfect Cargo Services LLC. and the senders.


Liability is limited only to the extent of the amount accepted by Perfect Cargo Services LLC. It excludes any liability on the part of Perfect Cargo Services LLC., its employees, or its agents for any loss, damage, and delays during its operation due to unavoidable reasons.


Conditions of Carriage are widely applicable to all agreements, laws, and M.O.U., which form part of carriage /shipment, or all those agreements, laws, and M.O.U. are as modified by Perfect Cargo Services LLC. from time to time.

The name of the person listed on the (Air) Waybill as the Sender is 'The Shipper' or 'The Sender,' and the name of the person mentioned on the (Air) Waybill as Recipient is the 'The Consignee' or 'The Recipient' for all practical purposes.

( Air) Waybill for its Shipment covers all Documents of shipping, manifest, label, or similar item/s, including Stamps used in the movement of goods through the transportation system. Goods listed in the Prohibited or Restricted goods as per the statute, Rules, and Regulations will not be allowed or accepted for Shipment. Unrestricted goods, items, or packages or piece/s transported on each of the (Air) Waybill is termed as Shipment of goods.

The charges being assessed or levied for the movement of a Shipment by Perfect Cargo Services LLC. as per the terms of the Conditions or any conditions or fees specifically imposed on a later date, excluding other fees or charges which may be assessed towards declared value charges, special handling fees, customs duties, and taxes and surcharges are termed as Transportation Charges.

The Sender is legally bound and also fully responsible for payment of all charges for transportation or surcharges being levied in respect of a Shipment under the Conditions being applicable, including declared value charges, special handling fees, any Ancillary Charges, and other surcharges as detailed in the Conditions or the Conditions duly modified. The Sender is legally bound and responsible for all applicable customs duties, taxes, and additional costs genuinely incurred by Perfect Cargo Services LLC. during the Shipment.

The maximum amount of liability to Perfect Cargo Services LLC. with the Shipment of the Package shall be the value specified by the Sender on their (Air) Waybill, which will be the  Declared Value for Carriage. The declared value by the Sender may be the maximum amount of the replacement cost or the selling price of the Shipment's contents, as required for customs clearance purposes.

C. Rates

Perfect Cargo Services LLC. has an applicable Rate List adequately set out for each type of Shipment or any rate which are expressly agreed otherwise in the relevant transportation services agreement of Perfect Cargo Services LLC.. Those rates are exclusive of whatever extent of duties, taxes, customs clearance charges, or any other import or export Charges applicable to the shipment.

If any, rates and service quotations given by employees and agents on behalf of Perfect Cargo Services LLC. based on information provided by the Sender may vary in tune with the shipment tendered and applicable Conditions.

Estimates of customs duties and taxes provided to the Senders on their inquiry before the tender of any shipment may hold good, but final duties and taxes may vary according to the incidence of actual figures.

Perfect Cargo Services LLC. will not be liable to make any refund, adjustment, or credit for any discrepancy in rate or quotes for the services, if any made for, before the tender of the shipment. Other Charges invoiced to the customer Rates applicable shall be those rates in force at the time of contract of carriage is made. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. reserves the right to revise Charges set out in their rate List from time to time and without notice.

D. Invoice

Payments against Invoices for any unpaid Charges are to be made without discount within 14 days of the invoice date. Invoices for duties and taxes are payable upon receipt. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. has the right to charge payment in advance as provided in accordance with the Conditions. The Sender shall ultimately be responsible and liable for the charges, including any duties and taxes.


Perfect Cargo Services LLC. reserves the right to scrutinize each or any (Air) Waybill to confirm the service selected and to check the correctness of the shipment details, including the shipment weight of the package. If any mistake is found or any details are found incorrect, Perfect Cargo Services LLC. reserves the right to make suitable corrections to the (Air) Waybill and modify the invoice at any time.


Perfect Cargo Services LLC. reserves the right to hold, postpone or return or refuse or cancel any Shipment at any time if such shipment would, in the opinion of Perfect Cargo Services LLC. may cause damage or likely to cause damage or delay to other Shipments, or the carriage of such goods prohibited by law or it violates applicable Conditions.


Perfect Cargo Services LLC. will not accept prohibited items for shipment to any location/destination. The Sender cannot insist on shipping the same unless otherwise, Perfect Cargo Services LLC. did expressly agree to ship (There are other additional restrictions apply depending on origin and destination)

  • Explosives, fireworks, and other items of flammable nature; Firearms, weaponry, ammunition, and their parts;
  • Hazardous waste or other medical, organic, and industrial waste);
  • Perishable foodstuffs, and foods and beverages requiring refrigeration
  • Plants and plant material, including cut flowers, further information available upon request);
  • Dead animals
  • Human corpses, human organs, human or animal embryos, cremated or disinterred human remains;
  • Live animals, including insects and pets;
  • Items of explosive devices that resemble bombs or hand grenades. c.
  • cash and cash equivalents or collectible coins and stamps;
  • Frozen water
  • Electronic cigarettes and their parts,
  • Tobacco and tobacco products, or smokeless tobacco, hookah, or shisha;


The Sender shall be responsible for all warranties, and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including those prohibited by economic sanctions and embargoes laws. The Sender is responsible for declaring and giving a warranty that all statements and information provided about the goods and for the shipment's clearance are true, fair, correct, and complete. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. shall not be responsible to the Sender or any other person for any loss or expense including, but not limited to, fines and penalties caused or being caused due to negligence on the part of the Sender, in complying with the rules, procedures, and the terms and conditions, as stipulated by the Company.


The Sender shall be responsible for adequately packaging all goods of dangerous nature, complying with all requirements regarding marking, labeling, classifying, packaging, and in its documentation, taking into account any other laws, rules, and regulations that might be applicable. In the case of any non –compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, the Sender will only be responsible.

The Sender is required to take special care to protect the items susceptible to damage by an appropriate packaging.


The Sender shall be responsible for proper packing, including those governing packing, marking, and labeling for safe transportation by any mode, in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules.


Perfect Cargo Services LLC., reserve the right to or is, at sole discretion or upon the request of the competent authorities, open and inspect any Shipment without notice at any time and shall incur no liability of any kind, therefore. The Company is required to undertake (random) X-ray screening by following applicable regulations.


It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Sender to ensure that the goods are shipped in compliance with all customs regulatory requirements and to provide all documentation and information required for clearance.

It shall be the responsibility of the Sender at their own expense to make sure goods shipped internationally are acceptable for entry into the destination country under the applicable laws and comply with all licensing or permitting requirements when applicable.

It shall be the Sender's responsibility to provide additional necessary information to obtain clearance from other regulatory agencies in the destination country before delivery to the Recipient. All charges for sending to and returning from countries where entry is not permitted will be charged from the Sender.

If the shipments are kept on hold by customs or other agencies due to incorrect, missing documentation, attempts may be done to notify the Recipient. If the law requires the Recipient to submit the correct information or documentation and if the Recipient fails to do so within a reasonable time as determent by Perfect Cargo Services LLC., the shipment may be considered undeliverable subject to applicable laws and thereby, Perfect Cargo Services LLC. assumes no responsibility for not delivering the package.

Perfect Cargo Services LLC. will provide their services directly or through their brokers in clearing and entering the shipment through customs on behalf of the Sender or Recipient, based on their authorization. Also, file necessary declarations to customs declarations on behalf of the Sender or Recipient at the risk of the Sender or Recipient to clear the shipment. The Sender or the Recipient is legally liable to reimburse any advances paid by Perfect Cargo Services LLC. for the clearance of certain items through customs immediately on demand after the work is done. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. assumes no responsibility for Shipments abandoned in customs, and such Shipments may be considered undeliverable.

Perfect Cargo Services LLC. reserves the right to route a Shipment in any way it deems appropriate. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. shall not be liable o reroute any Shipment to a third country or carry the shipment by any specified aircraft or other vehicles.

Shipment addresses should be clear and complete to facilitate an easy and smooth delivery. Perfect Cargo Services LLC. shall not be liable in any circumstances for any claim related to the seizure or detention of goods in the course of transit by Customs or other government authorities.


Perfect Cargo Services LLC. will not be liable for any damages, whether directly or indirectly, either happened incidentally or consequentially. And shall not be responsible for losses or delays in certain circumstances. (Further information available on requests). The Sender must contact an insurance agent or broker if insurance coverage is desired in the case of any exposure to and risk of such loss or delay.

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